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Getting past the low-paid guards was no problem, our fluxor bent their minds easily. Successful infiltration, time to finish the mission. 30 seconds to get inside, locate the hostage, and figure out how the hell we are going to escape this fortified keep.

“Ready?” You’re not sure if the grin on the face of your fellow mercenary gives you confidence, or lets you know to watch your back once through the door.

 “Three.” Final weapons check. A trugan axe in each hand. Great for getting through armor and for close quarters.

“Two.” Sah’lees dark matter irrupter on the hip, in case things really get ugly.


The door explodes inwards. The team floods the room. A quick scan; no hostage in sight. They knew you were coming! "Bounty Hunters!" Is yelled from behind. 

It's too late, a blade slips through your armored plates and between your ribs. 

The Kisrian Empire is desperate, ravaged on all sides by legions of enemy determined to take land and resources. And, worse is coming, an alien invasion, the forbearer of death for all. With armies depleted, and tasks too violent or dangerous for the soldiers remaining, one hope remains...

I.S.M. is a table-top roleplaying game set on a low-tech distant world (medieval level), where players are a team of alien mercenaries, hired killers, and specialists, completing high-risk high-reward missions. Each mercenary also has a hidden objective which may ultimately bring down the Empire you were enlisted to protect, or your fellow mercenary.

I.S.M. is a world, system, and campaign. The intuitive d20 system has been played and tested for the last 30 years; built from the ground up to create the most fun and dynamic action set pieces and technical close combat with minimal referencing and player downtime. Grounded in realism, the infiltrations, negotiations, and combat engagements are as tactical and brutal as they are tense and exciting. Edge-of-your-seat action that encourages creative decisions, player interaction, big risks, and team play, all set in a beautiful but deadly alien world.

CHOOSE OR CREATE YOUR MERCENARY: Select one of 12 tried and tested mercenaries or use the Online Character Generator to create one in minutes! It's completely classless with 20 alien species to choose from. You will also select your starting bounty - the higher the bounty the more points you can spend on the character (also the greater chance of being hunted down!).

SURVIVE THE MISSION: You and your fellow mercenary will be sent on - either a Short Action Mission (One Shot) or a Campaign, a series of interconnected missions leading toward a bigger goal. Infiltrations, assassinations, heists, kidnappings, rescues, investigations, and all-out war are all on the table! During the mission use your character's skills to fight off bounty hunters, deadly creatures, the enemy empire, and even your fellow mercenary as you try to complete the mission objectives and your personal goal. Dynamic action set pieces, stealth assassinations, the gathering of evidence, and deadly small-scale combat continue until the mission is complete or fails (or the team dies!)

GET PAID: If you survived, you get paid! Not only do you get to scavenge the loot but each mission provides payment in the form of 'dits' (jewel-encrusted coins) and XP! Of course, there is always a good chance your bounty will increase too!

AND UPGRADE!: Time to spend that hard-earned loot and XP. Better quality weapons, fleshy bio-engineered bodily parts, cyborg enhancements, alien armor, mounts, and gear are all available! Don't forget to use the XP also! Choose from unlimited character upgrades or learn new combat techniques ready for the next mission attempt!